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The Beauty Of Canvas Painting | 20 Awe-inspiring Canvas Painting.

The Beauty Of Canvas Painting | 20 Awe-inspiring Canvas Painting.

Canvas painters are creating magic these days. The universe embodies a lot of ideas and inspirations and painters are tapping from that abundance and transforming them into works of art. Canvas painters are creating beautiful piece of arts every day leaving us with wide range of  awe-inspiring canvas paintings to choose from. Their brushes and paint have the midas touch producing beautiful paintings that will never go out of the limelight.

Everyone is born creative and painters are using canvas to express their own creativity. Why canvas? Why not traditional wood surface? According to Arteza

“Canvas is very flexible in terms of size and can be used for everything from tiny paintings to large, expansive works. However, the two main reasons why canvas is such a popular surface among painters is due to how great it feels under the brush, as well as its obvious longevity. Canvas is also much lighter and easier to transport than traditional wood surfaces that was also often used”.

Walk into any art shops, you will always see beautiful canvas paintings standing or hanging gorgeously. Permit us to be that art shop today, take a deep breath because we are about to bless your eyes with 20 awe-inspiring canvas paintings.

20. Halloween painting by Alison Silva

halloween painting

“When Witches go riding,

and black cats are seen,

The moon laughs and whispers

‘Tis near halloween”

19. Afternoon at Le Paradis painted by Pascal Lagesse

Afternoon at Le Paradis hotel

18. Fall Floral by Michaela’s Artistry

fall floral

Michaela’s Artistry commentary “I like how all the colors used here popped up and there are bits of brown, darker and lighter greens for contrast to that deep magenta. The center is actually gold but didn’t catch the light to shimmer in the photo”

17. Ninja Turtle by Chicadania

ninja turtle

16. Flower on a mixed background by Purnima Bhardwaj

flower on a mixed background

Purnima Bhardwaj commentary “You become a true master of your life when you learn how to master your focus-where your attention goes. Value what you give your energy to. Rise above the pettiness trying to draw you in. Focus on what matters. Where attention goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, things grow”

15. The beautiful Heliconia by Majid Khan

beautiful heliconia

14. Mother and Daughter painting by Cameo Customs

mother and daughter painting

13. One eyed woman by Caziveh Art

one eyed woman

Caziveh commentary “Be the kind of person who leaves a mark, not a scar”

12. Bridge in the Woods by Shivangi Katoch

Bridge in the Woods

11. Reimagined Colours by Brush and Palette

reimagined colours

10. The Dawn Breaks by Elizabeth Londen

The Dawn Of Breaks

Elizabeth Londen commentary “The break of day or the break of dawn is the time when it begins to grow light after the night. May we remember during the night that fall upon us, that the dawn will come again.

9. How to find Water by Deej Kirra

How to find water

Deej Kirra commentary “Recently I was taught some knowledge on how to find water inland during dry season. This was taught to me by a very smart and culturally connected old fulla and I’m blessed to have been trusted with his knowledge. The black on black dots here are to represent that a lot of survival skills remain unknown without knowledge of Country. This is another reason why First Nations knowledge is so important in our real human need to be connected with the Earth. This piece serves as a map of valley lines that dictate which direction to follow along the ridges to find freshwater streams, even when it’s dry and the water supply up in the mountains is low. If I’m ever stuck away from a river or creek, I’ll now know what to follow to get to water. Hence the inspiration for “Teaching to find water.”

8. Across the Ocean by Alesia Art

Across the ocean

7. Top Banana by Sweler Art

top banana

6. Queen Louise bridge by Leva

Queen louise bridge

5. Yosemite by Sarah Katherine Booze


Sarah Katherine Booze commentary “Throwback to this painting, “Yosemite”, which recently won first place at the Rock Spring Art Show!! It also won a Purchase Award for selling on opening night 😳 Super thankful as always for people who love and support my art”

4. Artist View “Perspective painting” by Strayed Moppet

human view

Strayed moppet commentary ”

“Unfortunately, our brains like to isolate individual details from reality, while ignoring the large and incomprehensible whole. This is the reason for human stupidity: being distracted by details, people make unsuccessful forecasts, naively plan, give in to manipulation of facts, are deceived by laws, etc. In the same way, a novice artist tolerates fail when he tries to paint reality, starting from individual details and losing sight of large structures and relationships. It is important for an artist first of all to see the whole, and only then – the details.

But thanks to this feature – to grab a detail – a person is also able to discern the beauty of reality. Admiring, for example, a beautiful sunset view, we admire the unusual and beautiful color of its individual parts: orange sky, purple clouds, magically illuminated trees. Our gaze runs from detail to detail and sees a riot of color. But if we take a picture and look at the frame, we suddenly see reality objectively: it is dark, gray, the sky is faded, the magical colors of the trees are completely drowned in the twilight. Our gaze sees much more than an impartial camera: it distinguishes subtle shades of color, imperceptible flow of forms. And all this is precisely due to its ability to see individual details.

When an artist paints color, he by no means strives for objectivity, he relies on the imperfection of his perception. You see a slightly reddish shade – you paint specifically red. You see a slightly warm light – you paint a bright orange. And where the objective gaze sees gray, the subjective gaze sees the world painted in all colors. And such a picture – oddly enough – turns out to be very realistic in the end. Yes, it is clear that initially, when drawing a landscape / portrait, it is important to see the whole in terms of shapes, volumes, light and spots – but in terms of color, it is important to focus on the details.”

3. Running Duck by Charlotte Gerrard

running duck

2. Path Way by Parimal Tandel

path way

1. Be still and know by Tara Trimble Nash

Tara Trimbe Nash commentary “I found a design that represents the presence of God’s strength in stillness. I feel that even in the beauty of fall there is still a stillness that represents how powerful God truly is.”


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