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Best Arts Gift For Christmas 2021

Best Arts Gift For Christmas 2021

The holiday season is here and the joy of the season won’t be complete without some awesome gifting to your family, friends, co-workers or collectively loved ones. Finding the perfect gift for them can be quite a hassle. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best art gifts, for any budget, to give to your art-loving friends or family this Christmas.


Canvas Portrait Of Him/Her. 

Papay solomon nephew paintings

Papay solomon nephew paintings

Get the best picture of him/her and then reproduce it as a painted portrait on canvas in the rich colours of acrylic and coated in clear satin varnish.

No gift beats a high quality Canvas portrait of you hanging in your room. 

Great picture( though, there is no great picture because every picture tells its own story) can completely transform your mood. 

If you had a bad day, coming home to see your favorite picture on the wall can completely transform your mood. 

Great pictures live forever and even when the Christmas period is long gone, they will always have you in their mind because each time they see the portrait on the wall, they will always think of you. 

Have A Paint Date Night With Your Partner.

Couples date night

Every holiday season, memories are created! Create a beautiful one this time by painting with your partner. You don’t have to be a pro painter to do this. Everybody is a painter! With a brush and a canvas, you both can create beautiful memories.

The idea is to split the canvas down the middle and each of you paint half of a scene. Another idea is to paint the same thing, each of you showcasing your artistic talents and wanting to out paint each other! It’s so much fun competing with your partner that way.  You can paint starry night, sunset, sweetheart trees, lovebirds at Dusk etc

People are signing up to do paint nights for a unique reason and that is “Painting together is a unique bonding experience and perfect for couples”. So while creating beautiful memories with your partner through painting, don’t forget to have a favorite drink on hand and most of all,  enjoy a great company!

Organizing a perfect paint date can be a hassle sometimes but we are to help! let’s help you create an unforgettable memory with your partner by organizing the perfect paint date night for you. Reach out here. 


Self Love is Still a Good Gift.

Yeah, since we are talking about Christmas holidays and gifts! Giving yourself a gift of “self love” is still a fantastic gift. And since we are talking about gifts connected to art, here is how you can gift yourself “Self Love” using art.

There is a self love painting course offered by Tara Nash. Tara is a painter and a personal coach. Her course is designed to help you discover your inner beauty. During this course you will not only create a beautiful piece of art through the guided instruction of Tara Trimble Nash, but also receive knowledge on how to really empower and love yourself. She is also giving a FREE GIFT BOX when you join the course. Apparently this is the best gift to self this Christmas holiday. 

Canvas Painting.     

path way

Previously we talked about gifting your loved ones a canvas portrait. You can also get them a beautiful canvas painting that they can hang in their house or office.

Canvas painting is always going to make a good gift hence don’t hesitate to opt for anything canvas when thinking of a gift. Who is his/her role model? Get the canvas painting of it and gift them. 


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