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5 of The Best Date Night Ideas In 2021

Best date night ideas in 2021

Are you planning your first date with the girl you’ve crushed on since forever or you’re celebrating an anniversary or simply want to spend quality time with your partner, these are the best date ideas that get you fun quality time.

Some of them like paint date night will help you to impress your date with your crafty skills while some of them are a little more extreme.

The coronavirus has changed the way we sit out and dramatically changed Americans’ lives and relationships over the past year. So it makes sense that you’re looking around wondering how to have fun with your second half without breaking any rules.

So whether you’re looking for a cute first date idea or something for you and your person to do on a random Saturday night, here are literally 5 of our best date ideas.

Paint Date Night

Couples date night

Whether you’re on a first date or have been together for years, a couple’s paint night is a great idea for couples who wants to spend solitary time together and it’s really fun competing creatively with your partner.

You may be thinking that you and your partner are not artistic or you’ve never painted before, no problem. You don’t need any art experience to have a fun time with your partner – our artist will guide you step-by-step through the date night painting while you enjoy wine, upbeat music and getting to know your date. Spending the evening at home painting is such a splendid idea for a date night.

paint date night

Want to give it a try? book our virtual paint class, let us help you make your date night fun and memorable with one of our virtual paint classes. They’re fun for couples of all ages!

Cook the Same Thing While Apart


Have you seen how kids play together? They sit next to each other, but do their own thing, right? And, they are having a blast. Well, cooking together while apart is borrowed from that concept.

Over a video chat, you cook in your home, while your partner cook the same thing in theirs. You chat, you laugh, you show each other what you are doing. Although you are apart, you can enjoy cooking together.

This is the best treat for couples who are apart—try cooking the same thing together and then eating it together too.

Virtual Movie Night with your Partner


Host a virtual movie night with your partner with the Netflix party extension. Watching Netflix together with a synced playback and shared group chat is another fantastic way to connect with your partner while apart. What is Netflix Party extension? Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that synchronizes video playback and adds a group-chat function to anything you want to watch on Netflix.

The service works as a free Chrome extension, which means anyone with an active Netflix subscription can use it. Netflix Party is only available on Chrome browsers on desktop computers or laptops. But the good news is you can take it to a big screen.

Watch romantic or notoriously bad movie or consider an action flick, a crime movie or a fun comedy. A night in watching a film just isn’t as fun without some serious snacks. To make the night special, tailor the treats to the film you’re watching.

Plan a Picnic in the Park


Spend the afternoon at the spa, and have a nice meal together after the spa treat. Late at night, relax on the couch and watch a movie together.


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